Following the approval of the new constitution of the club by the Registrar of Societies, the membership recruitment for the year 2013 has kicked off.

Members are asked to complete Membership Application Forms. The members should then bank the membership fees into the Bank Account being:- Account Name: AFC Leopards Sports Club, Bank: Consolidated Bank of Kenya Limited, Branch: Koinange Street, Acc. Number: 0120251324301

Annual Membership Fees is Kshs. 1,000 but for those whose names don’t appear on current Register they will be required to top this up with an extra Kshs. 200) to pay Kshs. 1,200. The Life Membership Fees is Kshs. 30,000 for those whose names appear on the Register whilst those whose names don’t appear will also top up with the extra Kshs. 200.

Once deposited on the account, members should forward the deposit slip with the completed application form with a photograph to the club’s offices or to their Branches. The Club will issue the members with a receipt once it is confirmed that the funds have been received. The Receipt is not proof of membership.

Membership applications shall be considered by the National Executive Committee and once approved, the member shall be entered onto the Register of Members for the year 2013 and a Membership Card issued.

For the Branches, members are advised that Branches are Branches of registered members of Leopards. Branches should recruit and/or forward at least 30 names of paid up members of the Club together with the deposit slip of Kshs. 5,000 to be considered as Branches of the Club. They will then be entered into Register of Branches.

Branches should also complete the Branch Application Form and accompany the same with their Constitution. A template branch constitution that may be modified to suit different branches is available from the secretariat of the Club.

Members may also make the above payments through our Pay Bill Number 527900.

Download Membership Application Form here

Download Branch Application Form here